What is a Title Binder and Why Do I Need One?


A title binder is a report provided by a title company that will tell you if your seller has full legal ownership of the property so there is no question that when you get your deed, you become the legal owner. The binder will also contain any mortgages or liens that need to be paid off at closing, like a contractor’s lien for unpaid work done at the property. You don’t want to inherit those costs! The binder will tell you if there are any unpaid taxes, or litigation that could affect your ownership of the property, as well. Finally, any easements will show up in the binder. Easements tell you if anyone else has rights to use your property, or likewise, if you have the right to use a neighboring property, for example, a shared driveway. We work with great title companies that will provide you with a binder to review with your attorney so you are protected from any surprises later!